Flashes, bangs and shampoo’s secrets are coming to New Zealand in July with demonstration lectures and talks by UK chemist and educator Dr Peter Wothers.

Chemistry of Light Show, 3-10 July, Wellington and Palmerston North

This action-packed, family-friendly demonstration lecture explores the chemistry used over the centuries in our quest to find light. There’ll be plenty of flashes and bangs to keep you on the edge of your seat. Read more on Chemistry of Light show.

The Secret Life of Shampoo, 7-14 July, Wellington, Palmerston North and Auckland

After this lively talk, you’ll never look at a bottle of shampoo in quite the same way again! From Fooles Bolloxe and beaver testicles to urinating camels and spiral fossils, the chemistry of everyday shampoo reveals a fascinating insight into ideas and achievements through the ages, from astrology to zoology. Read more on Secret Life of Shampoo talk.



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