Where to next? Human spaceflight at the crossroads.
Presentation by David MacLennan

Where: National Library, 70 Molesworth Street
When: 19 April 2016, 5:30 PM to 6:30PM

Attendance is free but please register at Eventbrite:

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NASA’s long-term vision is for a human mission to Mars, but

its strategy for getting there is flawed, as it does not include
the most logical intermediate step: a return to the Moon.
Instead, NASA’s proposed intermediate step is to retrieve a
large boulder from an asteroid and send an astronaut crew
out to investigate it – a plan that is not getting much support
from either Congress or the scientfi c community. A return to
the Moon would be a better way to prepare for a journey to
Mars, as much of the technology needed for a Mars mission,
such as habitats, life-support systems, rovers, tools and
instruments, could be fi rst proven under real off -world
conditions on the Moon. In addition, recent robotic missions
have shown the Moon to be a worthwhile scientific target in
its own right.

About the speaker:
David MacLennan has been lecturing and writing about
space exploration for over four decades. A founder and
former President of the NZ Spacefl ight Association, he
also edited the Association’s journal
Liftoff for many years.


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