Financial Assistance to Students for attendance at Conferences
The Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch is pleased to offer financial assistance for up to four post-graduate students who:

  1. Are studying towards Masters degrees and PhDs at a University within Wellington
  2. Wish to attend a relevant conference within her/his own field of research
  3. Are members of the Royal Society of New Zealand WellingtonBranch.

Our financial assistance will take the form of scholarships up to the value of $500, specifically to assist students to meet the travel and other costs of attending conferences, preferably to international conferences, either within New Zealand or overseas. Our scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis.

All applicants for financial assistance must be members of the Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch (information on joining the society can be found From the Secretary (below). The annual membership fee is $15). Recipients must give a presentation at the conference (oral or poster). Recipients of our scholarships must also undertake to give a presentation on their research to the Royal Society of New ZealandWellington Branch, at a date to be agreed.
Applying for Financial Assistance
Please email the secretary (below) to apply. Your application should include:

  1. A brief outline of your research topic and the degree for which you are enrolled
  2. The university and department in which you are currently enrolled, and the identity of your supervisor(s). A brief supporting statement from you supervisor(s) would assist your application.
  3. Details relating to the conference (e.g. the conference topic; when and where), including an abstract, and an indication as to whether or not your proposed conference presentation has been accepted.
  4. Information on your academic and research performance (e.g. a brief transcript).
  5. A brief justification for financial assistance from the Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch

Applications for awards close on
15 July, 2016.
Successful applicants will be notified by 31 July 2016 and the names, abstracts and conference details of the successful applicants will be published in the Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington BranchNewsletter once the presentation has been delivered. The Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch reserves the right to make no awards.




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